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Odongo Jomo Maurice

Jomo’s Story

Father’s name: Late Lodu Maurice
Mother’s name: Late Gloria Achan Maurice
District of Origin: Pader, Northern Uganda

I am by the name Odongo Jomo Maurice. My father’s name was Lodu Maurice and my mothers name was Gloria Achan Maurice.

I was born in 1994. Both my mother and father were killed by the Lord’s Resistance Army in 1994 when I was 6 months old. I was left with my uncle – he kept me for 12 years. After I completed my primary learning in 2006, there was nobody who can support my studies in secondary because my uncle was a drunkard and a peasant farmer. I stayed for 3 years at home until I heard about this opportunity from my friend Oyet James who was here before. Then I decided to follow him to Nebbi Standard College.
I will be very grateful if God still continues in supporting this charitable organization and the helping hand of Dr. Betty Udongo in her sensitive project. Amen.

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