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Onyala Daniel

Daniel’s Story

Father’s name: Late Okwach Willy Mokomoi
Mother’s name: Late Akech Lucia Okwach
District of Origin: Pader, Northern Uganda

My name is Onyala Daniel, a boy of 17 years of age from Lubango Lek Village, Lagile Parish, Racheoko Sub-county, Agago County and Pader District.

My mother was captured by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) when she went to cut grass with other women together. No one knows whether they are taken alive or not – this is still a big question.
My father is alive but he is a disabled man who cannot actually do any meaningful work.
I sat for primary leaving examinations (PLE) in 2006, but due to these things that happened to my parents I could not join secondary school because no one could pay my school fees. This made me to stay for three years at home without attending school.

I am sincerely looking for this opportunity and I hope God will open all the ways for the sponsorship because “with God everything is possible”

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