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Okot Emmanuel Okeny

Okot’s Story

My name is called Okot Emmanuel Okeny, a boy of 15 years of age. I am in Senior Three (S.3) this year.
I am from Kitgum district, Loking County Padibe Sub County, Ngom Oromo Parish and Pangira Village. My parents lost their lives in Pangira Village at night when we were with my grandmother in Loking County at her home.

My parents were killed by the Lords Resistance Army, (L.R.A) when I was still young and my grandmother has been taking care of me up to 2006 when she also lost her life. So from there my uncle took me at his home in Padibe Sub County and begun taking care of me. But in 2007, my uncle also died in an accident by a truck. So from there it marked no way to go.

As I heard of a chance at Nebbi Standard Academy, i am praying because it will be better if I am admitted into the sponsorship. Then I will have a future. I want to be a teacher for NEBSTA in the future.

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