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Sponsorship Program

Program Description:

For 25 years, war reigned through all of Uganda, and particularly affected the poorer, northern regions, where rebel soldiers destroyed villages, families, and collected child soldiers. As a result of these disasters, Nebbi Standard Academy in North Western Uganda was founded in 2002 by Dr. Hon. Betty Udongo, who was also a victim of war. Betty founded this school when she realized hers was the one of the only regions in Uganda without a higher institution, and that education would be the key to moving forward from the war. Now, NEBSTA is a private secondary school and seeks to educate those in lower income families (many whom are orphans) throughout the region. The school, however, manages through difficult situations: there is no electricity or running water, no textbooks or laboratory equipment, and teachers struggle to teach classes due to the lack of funds. In fact, many students and teachers miss school regularly due to poor health, transportation and unstable living conditions.

Through NEBSTAR’s Sponsorship Program, students at Nebbi Standard Academy will be supported in their education so that they may use their education to develop their post-war country. This Program will initially serve as the cornerstone program for the organization and will primarily garner funds and sponsors for both the students and teachers of Nebbi Standard Academy. Through multi-media and informative presentations at local churches and universities, the program seeks to spread awareness of the need for secondary education in Uganda and the opportunity NEBSTAR offers to provide this.

Current Needs:

-          Student Sponsorships: $47.50 (school fee) + $2.50 (for other sponsorship expenses) = $50/month

-          Teacher Sponsorships: $60 (monthly salary) + $2.50 (for other sponsorship expenses)= $62.50/month

-          Teacher housing and dormitory expansion

-          Security Fencing

-          Volunteers in Kalamazoo, MI to recruit other sponsors

-          Community centers in the Kalamazoo area to speak about NEBSTAR’s sponsorship program and support the school

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