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Fuambe Teopista Peace

Fuambe Teopista Peace’s Story

I am called Fuambe Peace from Padyere Nebbi Uganda. A girl of 16 years old my father’s name are Oketha Luka and my mother’s name is Adi Eflas.

My parents died of HIV/AIDS since 1998 when I was 5 years old when they died. I was in the care of my grandfather until 2004 when she also died. That left me totally at the mercy of God and I am the first born of my parents. We are three and I am the elder. I completed my primary education in 2007 and I was unable to join secondary school. With good luck honorable Betty Udongo admitted me in her school last year. That gave me high chance to join secondary school hoping this is a bright beginning to my future. May God bless the helping hand of honorable Betty Udongo.

I would be very grateful for a positive response.

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