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Construction and Vocational Program

Program Description:

The goals of this program are to teach students and community members useful construction skills that may allow them to secure a job, while also being self-sufficient.

In Kalamazoo, this program seeks to partner with licensed contractors and vocational training programs to provide low-income youth with free and valuable construction and home repair classes. Based at either a licensed contractors’ facility, a vocational training program or NEBSTAR’s Conference Room, the youth will attend the classes 2-3 times per week for two hours each or more based on funding. This program will also be a means of sustaining connections between youth and adult and skilled and unskilled. The goal will be to encourage and equip youth so that they can develop their own business or job in the Kalamazoo area in the areas of carpentry, plumbing and basic construction.


-          Certified teachers and licensed contractors, possibly from church and organization contacts.

-          Location and curriculum for classes to teach construction basic, perhaps through local licensed construction program and/or school

Specifically, at Nebbi Standard Academy, the students will expand the school and dormitories and construct guesthouse for volunteers from Kalamazoo, MI. This will be executed through the teaching of basic brick construction and brick laying skills, and carpentry at the school with the help of local volunteers in Nebbi and volunteers from Kalamazoo. Through student and community participation, the program will engage participants in the teaching and implementation of basic construction skills so that students and community members may be better able to effectively contribute to the development of their community.


-          Skilled community members and Kalamazoo volunteers to teach students and other participants

-          Brick laying materials:  concrete, mold, tools.

-          Lumber, nails, hammers, tape measurers

Overall, the program aims to cultivate useful skills in youth in both Nebbi and Kalamazoo who may otherwise lack self-sufficiency.

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