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Anirwoth Gladies

Anirwoth Gladies’s Story

I am called Anirwoth Gladies, age of 15 years old from Padyere, Nebbi Uganda. My parents are Apio Emmiliana and Okumo John.

My mother died of HIV/AIDS since 1998 and my father died later in 1999. That left me with no support and I stayed with grandmother.

I completed my primary seven (7th grade) in 2007 but there were no school fees until recently in 2009, Honorable Betty admitted me into her school. That gave me a chance to begin Senior One and Two. So I am grateful for this studying sponsorship Betty has started. Without Betty, where will I be?

I would be very grateful if you put my application for support in high consideration.

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Yours sincerely, ANIRWOTH GLADIES

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