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Amito Rachael

Amito Rachael’s Story

I Amito Racheal am hereby presenting my letter to you through Honorable Betty Udongo. I am 16 years of age, level is senior two (8th grade) this year. Therefore concerning my background, I am from Nyamalu Village, Padibe sub-country, Kitgum District, Northern Uganda.

I lost both of my parents when I was still young and now I’m saying with my auntie, however she is unable to pay for my school fees. I got to know about NEBSTA through Honorable Betty Udongo. As I am talking now, I am enrolled in NEBSTA but not sponsored.  I would be grateful if you could provide for me school fees, I could live a happy life. Thank you!

Like millions of other children in Uganda, Rachael is an orphan. Her father was killed by the Lord’s Resistant Army rebel group that terrorized, massacred and maimed the people of Northern Uganda for 25 years. In 2008 her mother died of HIV/AIDs living Rachael and other four siblings. Having lost both of her parents when she was very young, her auntie came to her rescue and her four siblings. She was able to provide basic care, but school fees are out of the question. Yet Amito Rachael did not given up hope. She learnt how to make paper beads.  In fact, she has shown quite an entrepreneurial spirit, teaching the other students how to make beads to sell and raise pocket money! Without a sponsor, she has no way to finish her education. Rachael seems to be giving up hope because she recently tried to commit suicide. For less than $2 per day, you can rekindle Rachael’s hope for a bright future.

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