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Agricultural Program

Program Description:

This program aims to improve self-sufficient food systems in both Kalamazoo, MI and Nebbi, Uganda.

In Kalamazoo, MI, through the implementation of a community garden and educational classes, the program will engage the youth and their communities in skills for greater sustainability. First, the Agricultural Program will isolate the primary agriculture educational needs for low income communities and youth in local neighborhoods. The program will hold a work day and a class day each once weekly throughout all seasons at either the garden location or the NEBSTAR Conference Room. The goal of the classes will be to cultivate entrepreneur and resourceful skills for youth and gardening so that they may become more self-reliant.


-          Green house, small plot of land or flower beds for seed plating with security

-          Specific community target area, with the approval/interest of the community and city

-          Thorough gardening research in both Kalamazoo area and Nebbi area to determine which plants are best

In Uganda, Nebbi Standard Academy runs a school farm to provide food for staff and students. Since beef is very expensive, the school introduced goat keeping providing animal protein in the diet once in a while. In addition, the school raises free range local chickens to provide protein for the staff and students who do not eat beef. Recently the school, in partnership with the community, launched a Piggery project. NEBSTAR will work alongside these ongoing programs to ensure their effectiveness and sustainability for the school’s nutritional health.

In addition, because of the abundance of mango trees and their multiple growing seasons in Nebbi District, NEBSTAR will facilitate the purchase of a mango processing plant to cultivate and sell various mango products, including mango concentrate, mango butter, and dried mangoes. This will also serve as a business model to students at Nebbi Standard Academy, while integrating community participation and mutual benefits.


-          Farm Coordinator from Nebbi Standard Academy

-          Mango processor

-          Fruit Dryer: wooden frame, trays, transparent plastic, oil

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